Saturday, September 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Anniversary Edition

--- 1 ---
This week was our 3rd anniversary. It is my greatest desire that with each anniversary, I fall more in love with this handsome guy. I believe with all my heart that the greatest gift we can give our children is to love and respect our spouse. We are 3 years into this gig and 3 light years away from perfecting our marriage. But there is a strong foundation of faith and a deep love surrounding our imperfect selves. I am so, so thankful God sent me this man.
--- 2 ---
In 3 years, we have birthed 2 children, been through the difficult illness and loss of Ross's beloved Monty, welcomed another dog (God help me.), transitioned me from a job I loved to a job I love more, traveled to a few beautiful places, near and far, and walked along side each other as we became parents while barely knowing how to be married. I wouldn't change a minute of it and look forward to more of all of it.

--- 3 ---
For our anniversary this year, Ross had the great idea to eat an early dinner at Park Tavern, the restaurant at Piedmont Park. It may have been one of his best ideas yet. First, there were only a few other people there and nursing Thomas was easy. Secondly, Mary Kate could walk around, play with rocks, do as she pleased while we relaxed. Third, it was half price bottles of wine. Fourth, the meal was super reasonably priced making el cheapo here happy. Fifth, it was outside in gorgeous weather, making husband and Mary Kate very happy. We had a wonderful waiter, a beautiful setting, and a delicious, stress- free meal (with 2 kids!!!) 
--- 4 ---
I love this man, for a million reasons that he'd love for me to share with you all but that might also nauseate you. Suffice it to say, he is an attentive, caring husband. He is a perservering, hard-working provider. He is a tender, consistent, and devoted father. And he gave me 2 of the greatest gifts in the world. When we got married and chose to use Natural Family Planning, we knew that meant being open to children and maybe quickly. He did not insist we had x dollars in the bank or had our lives figured out (not that I'd judge anyone who does- just shows his faith). He gave me a gift I've wanted since I can remember, to be a mother. He fathers them so well, so much better than I could ever mother them.

--- 5 ---
We are still learning about each other. He is learning that women (well, this woman) wants to feel beautiful and nurtured and cherished- even if nothing about that is practical or rational (and often is not.) I am looking at beautiful flowers that he sent to our home that are a reminder that he hears my heart's desire to be pursued, even when I have filthy hair and milk stained shirts. I am still learning that he needs to be respected, even when I (in alll my wisdom) may not deem it necessary. We are tiny babies in this journey of marriage and we fail many times throughout most days. But as I prayed in a prayer group yesterday, I know that God will honor my desire to fall more deeply in love with him with each passing day and year.

--- 6 ---
I hope that in 50 years, he has made me more adventurous, more aware of the beauty outside of these doors. I hope that I have softened his heart to those who have less and need more. I hope I have learned to have more fun while he learns to savor a good book. I hope that we still find each other attractive and make our grandkids squirm by kissing in the middle of the kitchen. I hope we have learned to argue less and accept each other more. I hope that we have each grown closer to Jesus and in doing so, have grown closer to each other. I pray against anything that would come between us. I hope he loves me even with my terrible wrinkles and squinty eye while I love his thinning hair and skinny legs :) I hope our kids and grandkids know that even if we bicker, there is a deep, deep love.

--- 7 ---
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