Thursday, September 27, 2012

These days

These days we are staring at precious faces instead of sleeping

We are learning to love gently

and to savor sweet moments.

We are learning that love is stronger than exhaustion.

These days we are treasuring friendships

while learning how to multi-task (yes, he could breathe )

These days we are bonding with our new family of 4 and thanking God every minute.


  1. Aw, precious happy for y'all!

    1. Thanks Sherri! Please keep up your comedy-blogging. I save your posts for middle of the night feedings. Hard to be cranky about being awake when I'm laughing at your antics! So excited y'all went to Paris. Nice work on hubby's part!

  2. Cutest little boy ever! And she is a sweet, sweet, sweet big sissy! Love y'all!