Thursday, February 28, 2013

Livin La Vida Buena

Today I went on a run during Ross's lunch break. Usually my runs involve one of two scenarios. A) a 5:15 wake up to pump followed by a run in the freezing temps with lovely running friends or B (and always less preferable), a run later in the morning with 2 people, one of whom is always crying, whining, asking for snacks, pooping, standing up in the stroller or asking me to sing Bible songs. Well, no offense to the Bible, but when Ross agreed to let me fit a quick couple of miles in during his lunch, I took it. It is a rare day that I run alone and it was nice.

Running along busy roads on a windy day, I couldn't hear Madonna urging me to pick up the pace so it was just me and my thoughts. Can't bear the suspense of hearing what they were? Lucky day for you :)

I thought about the good life I lead. I read somewhere that the seeds of discontent start with ingratitude. As I thought about the things I've previously been discontented with, I was able to see more clearly why I needed to be grateful for those very things.

Example one: we have long prayed for a new job for Ross but the right opportunity has not come. Today I was reminded that this current job is five minutes from home and he comes home for lunch every day. Some days that affords me one less diaper change. Other days, like today, it gets me a solo run in the not freak early hours. I put kids down for nap and ran like it was my last day of freedom on earth. It was wonderful. So while God is remaining mum on the job front, I'll take a post dawn, no kids run and be thankful for his five minute commute.

Example two. Kind of on the same token, we are hoping to move in the next while. I'd be lying if I didn't say I've been waiting on this day for a long time. I want a little more space and a lot less orange bathroom. But this teeny tiny house is one story and is easy to clean. So easy, in fact, that I can vacuum it in its entirety in about 30 minutes (and that's an "under the furniture, into the corners" kind of vacuum. I can easily do it in less. Ross came home to me vacuuming yesterday and was seriously nearly moved to tears. I'm not sure what's more sad, that he's so excited about the prospect of a well vacuumed home or that the very act of his wife doing more than her usual D+ job of homemaking made him so happy. *side note* he asked why I would be vacuuming (fair question). I said that MK had crushed goldfish on the floor and his derned dog who eats Thomas's spit up from the floor refuses mk's goldfish.  I am so waiting to see MK purposely crushing goldfish upon bribe from her father. Anyway- the point it is, it's not a bad life when you can do a decent job of cleaning your entire house in 30 minutes.

Example three. Dreamboat baby has finally learned to roll over. Naturally that's only in one direction, prompting "rescue me" screams from the turtle himself a few times a night. I'd complain about the waking, but a simple flip back to his belly and a paci in his mouth and he's back out. I cannot complain about that and am really thankful that he goes back down so easily.

I'd go on and on but it really does amaze me how quickly perspective can change when I shift the focus to gratitute. All of a sudden I see blessings everywhere I look.

**if you follow me on instagram, sorry for the repeats. So trying to not let instagram replace blogging like the rest of you have :) **


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