Thursday, March 25, 2010

One last fling before the baby swing

I have discovered the answer to all of my problems. I have found the key to peace in my heart and joy in my marriage. It did not come from watching Gandhi or from a deathbed conversation with a patient. It came from Florida. From a little retirement community beach near Naples. Marco Island, I will always love you.

Before we got married, our travel goal for this year was to take a volunteer trip to somewhere outside of the U.S. That is still high on our list of hopes but pregnancy threw a wrench in a few plans for the year. I originally said I did not want a "baby-moon" because I wanted to enjoy a nice malibu and pineapple on a beach with my abdominal muscles in tact. But we realized that we do not know what the next year will bring. We don't know how long this babe will be nursing nor to we take for granted a perfectly healthy entrance into the world. So, we decided to make a date for one last fling before the baby swing. And I'm oh so glad we did.

We were offered a quaint little efficiency condo on Marco Island, which was perfection, since R was thinking Naples. Thanks to R's Amex card, we had a free flight to use up. So for the bargain price of one airline ticket and some new 'beach worthy' maternity clothes, we were off to South Florida. The winter there has been as crazy as it's been here so I got lots of use out of Caroline's black wrap and some questionably tight yoga pants but I didn't care. I got time away with my husband, at the ocean, with pancakes and fried shrimp and maybe a tiny sip of his margarita. Oh do I miss margaritas...

R and I were certainly not disconnected and I am blessed with what I feel is a healthy, faith-filled and loving marriage. But I can admit that I am a much more relaxed, happy wifey sans 2 hour commute, sans Grady, sans schizophrenic Atlanta winter. We both agreed that as much as possible (calling all grandparents!!), we need to get away and just have time with each other. The week was a fresh breeze, wrapping us up in the love we knew was there but was felt all the more strongly in a couple days away from the real world.

So to my sweet friends, if I happen to maybe complain that I want to wring a certain fabulous husband's neck at any point in the next year, please refer me back to this blog. And then offer to dogsit, babysit, and lend us your grandma's condo :)

**Thanks to Jill and James for driving to see us. Saturday night was a blast and while my photography skills need honing, it was nice to share a gorgeous sunset with precious people!!

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