Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Top Five...

reasons why I'm a happy little social worker.

**addendum, placed Friday morning but it happened Thursday night. Thursday was, indeed, a very good day.

1a. Little M kicked me last night, like real, karate kid kicks. M kicked in the same place and each time I wondered if it was just indigestion or some other stomach rumbling, little bit kicked again! I have felt some movement here and there, but never a certifiable kick/punch/jab- whatever it was. So, my aunt Dori told me to record everything. Thankfully for anyone reading, I don't record everything. But this one needed it. March 4th, 2010, this new mama felt her baby kick for the first time. And despite my husband's disdain for the sport of soccer, well, I always did like Mia Hamm :)

1b. .my husband went on a little shopping trip to Coscto for very important new bedding. Like- life changing new bedding. And not for us or for little baby, for Monty boy.  Translation: if puppy sleeps well, mommy sleeps well.

2.  Tomorrow I get to see this soldier for the first time in six months.   While I greatly, greatly miss the soldier on the left, we have 1/2 of our family servicemen back home safe. Am beyond thankful to God . I am also happy because the same said soldier is at home and will be helping our mom recover from some surgery. (See number 3.) Him home safe is better than any medicine for her (well, maybe not morphine, but definitely better than percocet!)                                                                       

3. This lady came out of surgery with flying colors. I get to see her tomorrow, too. As much as I stated my very loud opinion in opposition of this surgery, I'm hopeful that mom gets what she wanted out of this deal, a lack of pain and numbness in her arm (hurt her neck at work). And I'm very grateful that she is doing well enough to go home today. I know she will be happy to have all 3 of her little gremlins under the same roof this weekend. Why do I feel like the weekend may feel like an episode of Survivor ?

4. When I come home from a weekend with my siblings and mom, this, as well as it's accompanying pieces, will be in the baby's room. I will come home. To a crib. in a room. for my baby. No, definitely don't believe it.

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