Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Want a new post, nothing interesting brewing...

A few months before our wedding, I wrote a post entitled "Damn it." http://surrealgrace.blogspot.com/2010/02/damn-it.html  It was about a girl my age who lost her life to AIDS. I will actually always remember it because a few weeks later my dear friend Fr. Tim sent me a card saying he had said a Mass for this patient. I remember thinking that this girl's life was marked with suffering, abuse, addiction, and indignity but in her death, thanks to a loving priest, she was renewed. She left the earth with dignity regained and wounds healed. Anyway, that was the last post before our wedding and at our rehearsal dinner, I was reminded by folks that, for weeks,  I had left a post up called "Damn it." Today, my most recent post was a letter to my mom and quite frankly, my pride has me wanting to put something else up so that all my flaws as a daughter are not the first sight on this blog. The problem is, I have nothing even remotely blog worthy to write. The only thing I can think of is to throw some positivity on here about things to come in the next few weeks. As I grow larger and larger and the heartburn gets more and more ridiculous, I'll hopefully return to this post to be reminded of the joys in our lives this March 2010. So in no particular order, things to be excited about.

  • thursday, Ross and I leave for a little baby-moon in south Florida. Because of amazing friends, we have a condo to borrow, a babysitter for our pup, and a place to park my car for the weekend. My very great husband also booked a sailing trip since I finally nixed the pregnant girl on jet ski idea.
  • today, I will come home to a new front door, new porch posts and a room full of baby furniture. While spending money (other than at target or tjmaxx) makes me cringe, I am excited about home improvement 2010.
  • Target (see above) came out with a new maternity line that is precious. Since they usually only carry 3 different maternity items, I have dresses on hold at 3 stores and anticipate a slightly extended lunch break. The best part is that mom gave me target gift cards last weekend! Yah mom!
  • When I came in today, my office mate had my desk full of PEZ candy. This more than made up for the 45 minutes I sat on a 12 mile stretch of 75 this morning. (p.s. the only tidbit of negativity as that my love affair with Atlanta is O.V.E.R. )
  • Ross and I were asked to be the Godparents of a lovely girl who lives at the Gift of Grace. This is special to me as I have known her since she came to the U.S. from the Ivory Coast a few short months ago and her heart is so amazingly beautiful. I am so pumped about Easter Sunday !
  • my little brother texted me today, wanting to go out with Ross and I next week. One of the better parts of this gargantuan city is having our siblings close, esp this one, who I've missed so much! I've said it before, and it's true- Patrick is definitely the glue in our crazy family!
  • In four months, we should be a family of 3. Four months seems sooo quick! (remind me of this in 2 months when I'm even more of a roly poly).
  • In less than two months, I get a girls weekend with my college girlfriends, the ladies who walked with me through all of the early 20's ups and downs. I cannot wait to hug their necks. They taught me the word fellowship and I am so flipping blessed by them.
  • Have begun praying about a few things that I am very hopeful about including a friend getting pregnant,  finding a name for baby Ninness if he is a boy, job opportunities outside of Atlanta and an end to heartburn!
Back next week with pictures of beautiful San Marco Island, Florida! 75 degree temps, here we come!!

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  1. you have a lot going on! You and PEZ. I will forever think of you when I see those and those nasty Peeps in the stores around Eastertime! ;)