Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Help

Okay-so today's post was scheduled to post last week during baby-moon but I'm apparently still stupid with blogger. Anyway, my sister-in-law recommended this book and after two pages, I knew I'd be blogging about it. My high-school friend/sorority sister/newly found internet friend Amy http://www.amysnorris.blogspot.com/ beat me to the punch. But, alas, it was too good, too important of a book not to do my own quick review.

Please. Just go buy it. Read Amy's review above. She does it justice. You will fall in love with the characters. You will fall in love with Stockett's ability to show the untold dynamics of white families with black help in their homes in the 1960's south. You will fall in love with the love you can feel between the children and the precious ladies who raise them (usually the maids, not their mamas). You will both grieve such a terrible time in the history of the south, and celebrate the courage and tenacity and beauty of those who fought for change. You will see white families who loved and valued their help and black families whose stories speak so much of society then and society now. And, as Amy says, you will think a little differently about how you raise your babies. I don't know if being 'color-blind' truly exists, or even should exist, to be honest. But I do know that this book made me love and appreciate all that is alike and the smaller things that are different between the amazing, amazing characters in this book. Read it. I'll mail you my copy if you want it.


  1. Mail me your copy! And I'll give it back to you!

  2. PS you have to schedule it and then click PUBLISH.

  3. sorry i beat you to the punch! i've had a word document open on my desktop for about a week (since i did have to do some sewing in the meantime) with my thoughts on it. i guess i never really sat down and thought about how i felt about all of that since it was "history." but it touched me in a way and i am changed in a way after reading and so thankful that i read it. i am with you, i am all for required reading on this one!

    ps - the whole quintus and scintilla...yes mam. just not for the entire latin class to know yet...if you follow my drift.

    pps - i need to send you my booklist that is in excel (YES i am a nerd like that) but do you know one of my all-time faves to read and recommend is saving graces...the one you hooked me on in college. :)

  4. I just borrowed it from Emilie - she loved it too!!! Can't wait to read it after I finish "healthy sleep habits happy child" :)

    Why is it that I seem to have the only baby in the whole world who won't nap?