Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eleven and a half months

To my almost one-year-old baby girl,

Holy cow that makes me weepy. How are you almost one year old?? I have such foggy, sleep-deprived memories of your first weeks and these last few weeks you give me no time to create memories, just time to get you out of the fireplace. Somewhere in between,  you grew up. Already you are this special, unique person making the earth better just by being you.

Mary Kate Frances, I love everything about you. I love how you have learned to hit your hand on the wall between our bedrooms when you wake up in the morning so I'll come get you out of bed. I love how no matter how many toys I put in your sight, you speed crawl to the stereo, the toilet, monty's bowl, the house plants or the fire place. I love how you will finally let me read a short book to you, but just want to move the pages. I love how you love to pat/slap dad and I in the face. I love how when you wake up from nap, I will squat down on the ground and you will reach you arm through the slats to "try to get me!" I love how you love to play peek-a-boo and will clap your hands in delight. I love how much you love your daddy. I love how you aggravate Monty by crawling all over him or by trying to help him eat his dinner. I love how you need 3 baths after any meal. I love how you are finally starting to show mommy some love. I love how you brighten a room with your smile and big ole teeth.

Sweet girl, I even love how changing your diaper or your clothes is an olympic sport. I even love how you feed Monty half your dinner. I even love how you stiiiillllll don't like the carseat. I even love how you rarely wake up past 6:15. I even love how you are growing out of all your precious 12 month clothes. I even love how going to Mass with you makes me cuss. I even love how much activity you need and how "just chilling" is so not your thing. I even love you on days when you take bad naps and crawl on the dishwasher and pull dirt out of the plant and fuss and whine just to make me crazy.

This month you have gained so much weight (after that small starvation issue we had from months 6-9) and are sooo much more busy. Lord have mercy are you busy. You will be the proud new owner of your first pair of shoes this afternoon. Busha came with us to try some on today and you are a size 4 wide with a lot of "fluff" on the top as the shoe lady said. Your foot looks like a marshmellow. I will happily drive in the car alone, sans "Jesus loves me" tonight to go pick up your new kicks. You are pulling up on everything and scaling a little on the sofa. You took a few steps the other night on your walking toy but dad and I think walking won't happen for a bit. Crawling is a much more efficient means of getting to the dog bowl and you are an efficiency girl. You are in exclusive 12 month clothes now, making me wish I would have bought 18 month stuff for this summer. You sleep from 9-11 ish and 2-4 ish each day, depending on how long you talk/cry/jump in your crib and from 7:30- 6 each night. You are sporting a precious little mullet these days and I think the scissors will be coming at you in a few weeks. Dad comes first in your life, no doubt, but mom is making  ground and I love it. I accidentally let you fall in the pool at Aunt Rae's last week and naturally you were scared to death. I watched your little face under water for a second and was scared to death myself. The good part was you finally let mom console you and comfort you. It was a scary accident but a sweet moment  for us.

In two weeks our family will transcend upon our house and your aunt and me-maw will ensure you get the over-the-top birthday party I would have never consented to. But as it draws closer, I am excited to celebrate life, your life. I am excited to celebrate making it through the first months of crazy and the journey to this toddler baby that makes every day pure light.

Today we had lunch with Busha and dad at the train, Orient Express. The sweet waitress brought you your own fortune cookie. Your fortune read "You will be involved in many humanitarian projects." I mean, can you warm a social worker's heart any more?? I can't think of a better wish for your life. I truly hope you SEE the homeless and clothe them. I hope you open your heart to the hungry and feed them. I hope you feel the loneliness in someone and sit and talk with them. I hope you sense the despair in someone and pray for them. I hope you witness injustice and act against it. But more than any of this, you sweet social worker's daughter, I hope you love Jesus, know him, feel him and find JOY in wherever He leads you.

Some photos of month eleven~~

starting to "play" with Joy Elizabeth. This was a sweet day when she napped at our house while your mommies had some much needed girl time sans baby-wrangling by the pool. Y'all had just woken up and were excited to play together after nap.

had to include a pic of your favorite dolly by my favorite seamstress

fuzzy phone pic but sooo telling of our life these days. You on your toes, finding something to destroy!

mommy is training for a 1/2 mar. You are training for separation from mommy in the kids club! It's your first time in any kind of daycare other than mops so this is new. Good for mommy, getting better for MK :)  

sweet one of you and daddy on my birthday. Daddy was d.o.n.e with photos at this point. And it was probably time to take you off the ledge :)

There are a few other cute ones from our play date with Melissa and Nicole but Melissa's blog won't let me steal her photos. Sad because it was a precious day with lots of beautiful girls!!

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