Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Honored guests

This week we have felt humbled and honored to be invited to two very important occasions. The first is the 40th anniversary celebration of our friend, Fr. Fallon's ordination to the priesthood. Fr. Fallon is a precious Irishman who often breaks out in "Sweet Sacrament Divine" during a homily. For years, he has been coming to the Gift of Grace House to say Mass for the Missionaries of Charity, the HIV patients and a few families. He is the prison chaplain for the Archdiocese and spends his Saturdays at the state prison ministering to inmates. AIDS patients and prisoners- truly the "least of them." What we love about Fr. Fallon is that he is so honest. He has struggled the way all human men struggle. Like all of us, he doubts himself, he experiences being excluded, he longs for peace, community and unconditional love. But unlike all of us, he takes it right to the foot of the cross. His commitment to prayer to overcome his hurts and his complete love of Jesus inspires us. Thank you, Father, for inviting us to your joyous anniversary Mass and the ridiculously fun dinner and party. Sitting next to my husband, in Mass, sans baby, was an absolute joy. And even more exciting was seeing a hometown music legend singing at the party! Harry O'Donahue has been singing Irish tunes since I was a child. My sister went to school with his daughter for 12 years and his voice brings me straight home to Savannah. The evening was perfect. A great date night to celebrate a wonderful, holy man!

Our second invitation this week was to celebrate little Daniela's 4th birthday. Daniela's parents longed for a child for many years. After novenas and prayers for Mother Teresa to intercede, they finally got pregnant at 47 with Daniela Teresa. We have been blessed by Tito and Maria's parenting wisdom. We know them through the Gift of Grace house and love seeing them there for Mass or other special occasions. Thank you, Daniela, for inviting us to your birthday Mass this morning and for a reason to eat cake for breakfast! Thank you, also, for always being so sweet and gentle with Mary Kate. I am excited for her to get to grow up with you and the sisters.

Fr. Fallon's friend, Fr. Peter, singing "Oh Danny Boy" in Thai with Harry O'Donahue :)

Our precious Father Fallon serenading us at his party.

Sister Brunetta and her babies, Daniela, Lucas and Mary Kate

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