Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mary Kate, about your dad

from day one, you had his heart. I will never forget how he yelled "it's a giirrrrl. We have a daughter!" Your eyes met his and you were forever bonded as father and daughter. He will love you, teach you, and protect you for as long as you live.

Your dad is the most motivated, active, helpful husband and father on this planet. There was never a diaper he wasn't happy to change, a load of poopy clothes he wouldn't wash, or two hours of walking you around the living room, bouncing his crying girl while mom slept for 2 hours.

You were so tiny and at times, oh so fussy. But from an early age, you decided where you were most comfortable. You grabbed hold of dad and haven't let go. While I wouldn't mind a mama's girl one bit, I am almost more pleased to see the total and complete love affair you have with your dad. He gives love so freely and so completely. You and I are the luckiest girls in the world that he loves us most.

It's no secret that he loves his gamecocks. In that trying "4th trimester" you were soothed so often by bouncing on his lap, so often content just by being with him, watching his team.  He loves to share his love of sports with you. I hope you like tennis. That's all I can say!
Your dad gets you. He gets that when you are fussy, you are very often bored. And dancing around the living room to 80's music is almost always a cure. If I leave you two at home together, I can return and expect to see you crawling over him in the hammock, playing in the grass with him, rolling a ball to him or watching him mow the grass from your pack and play. You have his spirit of adventure and desire to be doing something.

No matter where he is, he is wants you with him. Other than a morning tennis match or afternoon of frisbee golf, he wants to be with you. Yesterday morning he took you to Home Depot and you would have thought I bought him a home in Texas he was so happy. Your dad's love language is far and away quality time. You, my dear, are very lucky.

So I've avoided (I think) shirtless photos of dad on here. But your mornings with us in bed are something we treasure. You love it and we love not having to put our feet on the floor at 6 am! Dad made a song about this red whale and it remains one of your favorite toys. He does not leave for work until 8:30, but is awake and playing with you by 6:30 each day. He tickles you, lets you crawl all over him, lets you grab his nose and pat his face. There is no amount of attention he won't give you.

Your dad will take you on adventure after adventure. After a long day at work, nothing made him happier than throwing his girl on top of his shoulders and exploring a park in our little town. I have said it before and will say it again, this man, this dad of yours, exudes JOY.

I love this picture of your dad because we can see his smile, his happiness at just playing with his girl. This house is overlooking a beautiful lake. There is a cooler full of cold beverages to the left. There were good friends to talk to and games to play. But he was here. With you. And loving every second of it.

Little lady, you will see so much of God's beautiful creation because of your dad Your little person spirit already craves action, adventure, activity, new challenges. On this father's day, you can thank your wonderful da-da for that!

And because both your dad and I have such wonderful, wonderful examples of what it means to be a father, Happy Father's Day to the daddy who taught me just how incredibly special and crucial a dad is to his daughter. And Happy Father's Day to the man who first introduced my husband to the hidden trails and rolling hills of Texas, thus beginning his love of all things outdoors. We love you both.


  1. Sweet post! Hope I can meet Ross sometime soon. Have a great week!

  2. What a blessing a wonderful father is to a little girl!! This was such a lovely post, the pictures totally captured their obviously special relationship!