Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Days

For my upcoming birthday, my husband sweetly obliged my desire to head to New York to see my best friend. Katrina and I are five days apart and she sweetly shared her actual birthday with me. We had a stay-cation in her parents' beautiful home and basically ate and laughed and ate our way through the weekend. Her home was definitely one of the places I spent the most time in high school, mooching whatever homemade goodness came from Kathy's oven or eating homemade ice cream. Her family continues to love on me today just like I am 16 years old and I couldn't be more thankful for their precious hearts.

I am excited to get more photos from Katrina's dad (hint hint) but truly felt rested and loved while I was there.

While I was gone, Mary Kate was clearly being mistreated. Ross promises she liked having 40 bows put in her hair. As I was not the one in charge of all 16 of her mealtimes, it didn't bother me a bit!

Notice the TV on the corner of the patio. We are all kinds of pimped out at casa Ninness. MK gets to play on the water table and spray the dog with the hose while the big kids watched the Braves game. Bad picture quality but good representation of summers in our little abode.

I really cannot thank my husband and in-laws more for coming to stay for the weekend. While I missed the heck out of my girl, I didn't worry about her for a minute (well, until I saw the bow picture). She has been asking for her aunt and sha-sha all day so I know she had a great time!

After a long day of traveling yesterday, we were up and at 'em to make it to 7am Mass at the Gift of Grace for a sad goodbye. I cried buckets as I hugged Sr. Dominque goodbye. She leaves after 5 years there to finish her novitiate in Washington D.C. Her last year is spent in near constant prayer and discernment on whether to continue her journey as a Missionary of Charity. She absolutely exemplifies Mother Teresa's commitment to the poor and has blessed my life in ways that I cannot even articulate. It has been 9 years since her first vows in Nairobi and we are honored to pray for this last year on her beautiful journey.

While I had tears all morning, Mary Kate had an absolute blast with "her sisters", looking at the fish, playing with that annoying pop-corn popper toy thingy and playing peekaboo with those silly nuns.

We love Sister Dominque (or affectionately known as Sister Shorty!)
"ish sister! ish!!"
peekaboo with Sister Brunetta!

I see you!

After such an early morning, we came home to spend some quality mommy-daughter time. In an outfit of her choosing, I rocked in the rocking chair and enjoyed watching my girl be just that, a little girl.

These truly are such happy, happy days!

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