Monday, April 26, 2010

For this child, we have prayed...

This weekend I went to Savannah for a precious family baby shower. First, let me tell you a story about why showers make me a little anxious. In second grade, I was a year into a new school. While dad was deployed, mom agreed to let me have a slumber party. Based on space, we decided 7 girls was good. I invited 7 girls, knowing nothing of the politics that is already infiltrating girl circles by age 7. To this day, I remember having to choose between Mary Katherine and Mary Margaret. I chose, and according to the other 5 little girls, I chose the wrong Mary. None of the other girls would come without Mary Katherine. This was not told to me, nor did the other little girls' moms call my mom to regret (hence my adult obsession with RSVP's). I remember exactly where I was as I looked out our large living room windows waiting on someone, anyone, to arrive. No one did. And while I became friends with all those little girls over the years at our small Catholic school, I have never forgotten that feeling of having a party and people not showing up. I have healed from my little girl wounds :) but still do not love hostessing anything or inviting people to anything. What if they don't come?? So...back to the baby shower. I was humbled that my mom, aunt and sister would honor baby and I this way, but worried, what if no one comes?

Well, come they did. My aunt, with the help of my mom, cousin and sister threw a perfect party for babe and I. The food was amazing, the cakes unbelievable and the company, well, the love in that room was pretty freaking fantastic. And while I will NEVER EVER subject another pregnant woman to the yarn game (don't ask), I thoroughly enjoyed each and every person and was thankful for each and every gift. My mother-in-law drove down with me and braved both sides of my family, fitting right in with all the chatty Kathy's (or in our family, chatty Mary's). It was wonderful to merge family, new and old, all to celebrate this little soccer player inside me.

Baby Ninness was gifted with many essentials and mom and dad were gifted with not having to purchase some of the bigger items. People's generosity never ceases to amaze me. But one gift sticks out for me.

Until I get the photos from my cousin, this will have to do. My sister gifted baby with a basket of pink and blue. One of the items was a cross, a pink one and a blue one, with the words from 1st Samuel, "For this Child I have prayed." I couldn't let myself think of the significance of the words until church the next day, when I definitely let the tears fall. Because she gets it.

When we first began telling folks that we were pregnant, we got a lot of "WOW that was quick" and "you didn't waste any time" even a few "oops" comments. What my sister and mom and those closest to us knew was that there was nothing accidental about this baby. I prayed for this child for so many years, long before I knew her dad, long before I knew if I would become a mama. I just prayed that I would get to one day, somehow, have a baby. Ross and I prayed for this before we got married as well. For many reasons, I feared I might not get this gift. I feared that the desire I have had since I laid eyes on my first baby (my little brother) would go unheeded. Oh ye of little faith.

So, for this child we did pray, and we continue to pray daily. For this child I am grateful. For the chance to be a mama, I am humbled and in awe. And for the family and friends who celebrate with us, with love, prayers, strollers, rubber ducky towels, butt paste and diapers, we are so thankful.


  1. KERI! It's SKF..I was talking to someone YESTERDAY about how I had a friend who had a slumber party and no one came! I couldn't remember who it was and then I read THIS! I have no idea if I was invited to that but hearing your story a few years later when we became great friends struck a fear in me too! I always RSVP and try to go to things even if I don't feel like it, because what if no one else feels like it either!? Had to share. =)

  2. i love being reminded of the blessing of it all. i'm so happy you'll get to meet the little one for which you've prayed soon!