Thursday, April 1, 2010

La Familia

Last night I talked to my sweet mother-in-law for an hour on the phone. We talked about very little of consequence, mostly about our efforts at getting Ross to agree to name the baby Simon. It was nice though, just catching up on each other's lives. In-law relationships can be tricky but I am smart enough to know that in every way, I am blessed. As we got off the phone, I curled in bed thinking about family.

Earlier in the evening we had a fabulous dinner with my brother and sis-in-law. Ross and I prayed before this dinner for a couple of reasons and I think the prayers were answered in more ways than one. The best part of the night was having the whole meal comp'd thanks to a little itty bitty roach on our table. This enabled us to EACH get a dessert. The babe rewarded my generosity in letting him have so much dessert with ample kicks. Seriously though, regardless of the great, free food, it was such an enjoyable evening and I left grateful for the presence of siblings in the ATL.

Tonight my mom and sister are driving up for a fun-filled weekend, mostly celebrating baby Ninness. They are coming to a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I'm not even worried about looking silly bringing in 2 people just to hear baby's heartbeat. My sister claims she will put the crib together and my mom claims she will be up at 7 walking ALL the dogs coming along for the trip. I claim both of them are nuts but am excited to find out. Also tonight, another part of my family comes to town for a few hours. Katrina has been my best friend since the days of tight-rolled jeans and bad skin. Seeing her is like taking a deep breath and seeing the whole world in brighter colors.

This morning I layed in bed, grateful for my morning time with my baby. Whether babe just knows I want to feel him/her kick, or is just ready for mama to throw some breakfast down the pipe, mornings are babe's most active time. I love, love laying there and feeling my child move around me. Today I closed my eyes and remembered TIPS in prayer (Thankfulness, Intercession, Penance, Silence). I only got to the T and the I before the day had to start but that was still a long time in prayer, thanking God for the the last 24 hours of family and the 24 hours of family to come.

We all know that families are complex and crazy. But in a 24-hr time period, God reminded me of the beauty of mine, of the one I inherited, of the one I came from, and of the one he created through my marriage. Nooow...let's see if all these warm fuzzies last 3 days of fun with 3 Sullivan women. Again, start a prayin'.

The Family Sullivan

The Family Ninness

2 B's and a preggo girl (I'm not the preggo)


  1. Thanks for the smile (about the post) and giggle (about the photo). Ha!

  2. Yeah- Nat he does! He has a bit more of his mom's outgoing personality but definitely favors his dad.