Monday, April 19, 2010

A perfectly perfect weekend

I can count the number of free weekends left in our spring/summer on one hand. So this weekend, I was thrilled with the very important goal of simply tanning my bump. Some friends came by Saturday and we grilled food and hung out by the pool. The boys played cornhole and the girls tanned. Drinks were poured and laughter had. As ungrateful as I can get for our humble home, it's weekends like this that put me in my place. Good friends, good food and this beach babe soaking up the rays- it was wonderful.

I have to say though, at one point in the afternoon I looked at my husband. He was tossing his bean bags with as much seriousness and focus as he does on a work project (very.typical.ross.) His head was in that game and with those great friends. I was off to the side. And I didn't want to be. I wanted to be in his arms, his eyes focused as intently on me. I was jealous for a minute. I wanted my husband all to myself.

So, with Sunday's plan of Mass and then a trip to the Sweetwater 420 festival, I decided that I didn't want to share my husband on Sunday. We had an absolute blast for hours and hours Saturday with friends. But Sunday, I wanted to keep him to myself. And after we finished dinner Saturday at 11pm (2 hours after my bedtime) (after those same boys cut down 5 trees in our backyard and those same girls rearranged the nursery 40 times), I presented my Sunday plan B. Come home from Mass, eat, watch the Braves game poolside. Alone. He was just exhausted enough to agree to forego our plans.

It was one of the best decisions we've made in a long time. We had a delightful morning at Mass with wonderful friends. One of the couples we know from the Gift of Grace was there with their adorable 2-year-old and 6 month old children. At one point during Mass, Little Miss D. was getting antsy and began walking around the living room. She walked right up to Sister Maria Jose, sitting on the floor in front of the altar during Mass, and snuggled right into her. Had it not been inappropriate, I would have grabbed a phone and snapped a pic of that little girl, nuzzled into that firecracker of a nun, celebrating Mass. And this, my friends, is why we choose to worship here. I did snap this photo of these two silly gals not long ago and it depicts well the love in that home. Who says you can't tickle a woman of God :)

After Mass, Ross sat with the kids' daddy and Father Fallon and talked business while I sat outside swinging with that little girl and talking with the ladies of the house. We sang some Tina Turner and some Mercy Me (diverse interestes here ;) and fellowshipped happily.

And then my husband and I went home. Alone. With no plans. He grilled me a fantastic chicken sandwich and I poured some sweet tea. We shared lunch on the patio. I realized then that our days of 'just each other' are few (as in 86 days). It is not without a little tinge of sadness that in 86 days, I will have to share him, and with someone who will have as much of his heart (more??) as I do. This baby was prayerfully and intentionally created, desired and hoped for. God worked a little faster than we thought possible but the timing of this child is all His and we are simply grateful. That doesn't mean I can't get a little leechy and keep my husband to myself as much as I can. I need him, sometimes all to myself. I adore that man. I had as much fun playing cards and watching the Braves game (all whilst tanning the bump) as I 've had at any party. I love spending simple time with the hubs, especially when rockstar Jason Heyward bats in the winning run, bottom of the 9th with two outs!!!!  I am so happy that I listened to my jealous heart that told me to make this Sunday just about us. Smart girl I am :)

And just for giggles- a shot of the babe with big brother (only sitting there because there was a bone on the top of my tummy!!)


  1. That is the cutest picture! Thanks for the good times on Sat! Too bad I only have maybe 2 more weekends to get a lil sun before Baby Mello makes her appearance!

  2. adorable (and tan) bump :) and i love the ultrasound pics...i can tell she's beautiful already!