Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big news. Huge. Big.

August 26, 2009

1. Today marks one month from the Sullivan-Ninness nuptials. While I should be getting crazy busy and nervous, I'm not. For the reason, See number 2.

2. Patrick called Monday and if all goes according to plan (p.s. not much goes according to plan with the Army but we're hopeful and prayerful), he will BE HERE FOR THE WEDDING!!!! I don't so much care about any other detail. He'll be here. Who the heck cares how many slow songs the band plays.

3. God is good. SO DANGED FLIPPING GOOD. Thank you, sweet, sweet Jesus for hearing so many prayers and letting our family be together. Guess you got tired of listening to me yap about it :)

4. I have nothing eloquent to say so here are loads of pictures from the last few weeks of fun!

The old lady in the house, Holly with dad's father's day gift, Radar. and YES. the sullivan's needed another cotton pickin' animal.

Elizabeth, baby K (yes there is only one baby in there), Chrissie, Nat (baby S) and Weschler. 4 beautiful bridesmaids.

my moms and sisters

the whole gang

The big bad soldier getting beaten up by a bunch of girls.

                   big bad soldier boy with his mama and daddy

the little cousins and big cousins


  1. dad sullivan

    Keri, Now that Jaws has passed away, we are in need of another dog.


  2. i'm going to kill you for posting that pic of me looking like a gigantic blueberry up...

    not only was he just one baby, he was a small baby. jeez. love you