Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not me Monday!! -

July 13, 2009

So, as we start another week, let us review the embarrasing moments of la vida Keri.

I did NOT ride for 4 hours in a 2 seater convertible. I did NOT "share" the passenger seat with a 100lb golden retriever. I did NOT just google doggie mouthwash. Good thing I am NOT totally in love with said puppy. NOPE, NOT ME!

I did NOT get home to find that there was no dog food. When I made him some rice, the fiance did NOT
very happily exclaim, "babe! You cooked rice!!" I did NOT feel much sorrow for the fiance that he has to get excited over me cooking rice. NOPE, NOT ME!

I also did NOT receive private cooking lessons as a gift from my BFF. She clearly also did NOT feel sorry for poor Ross. He will NOT be excited if I expand my culinary repertoire past rice. NOPE, NOT ME!

I do NOT attribute my lack of culinary skill to my LOVE of all foods in convenience stores. I could NOT live on boston baked beans, lemon heads, air heads or Combos. I also did NOT discover 32 ounce drinks for .49 when I stopped in for breakfast today. I am NOT sooo excited about that that I know I'll be on a first named basis with employees in a week. NOPE, NOT ME!

I did NOT get a call from my favorite foster care supervisor today to find that an abused baby I took 4 years ago got ADOPTED TODAY! I am NOT thanking God for that little boy's resilience and for the family that chose to give him permanency. I am NOT so happy that God LET me be a part of that. NOPE, NOT ME!

I am NOT convinced that this day will be PHENOMENAL because little T-man was adopted. I am NOT sure that nothing can touch the pure, unadulterated joy I feel because of that- even scenario below. NOPE, NOT ME!

I did NOT just get verbally acosted by a VERY cracked-out patient. She was NOT yelling unintelligible words literally 2 inches from my face. I was NOT very nervous and therefore did NOT lure her to the door with the krispy kreme donut the nutrionist just gave me. As she was walking out, I did NOT secretly wonder if giving up the donut was worth it. NOPE, NOT ME!

The above scenario has NOT happened at least 10 times in the 3 years I've been at Grady with many patients, including once before with the same patient. This does NOT make me crazy (er) sometimes. NOPE, NOT ME!

I am NOT sooexcited that Scott suggested a 10 yr Relay for Life reunion at the UGA relay. I am NOT sure that we will be the oldest people there or that we will be the most obnoxious. I am NOT tempted to start planning for this event. which is in april. NOPE, NOT ME!

I did NOT feel a little sorry for Father Tim yesterday as he had lunch with R and I. Because he does NOT have his work cut out for him as he marries us and continues to be a part of our lives. I am NOT so thankful for him, even if I feel sorry for him! NOPE, NOT ME!

And I am clearly NOT procrastinating by wasting time on this blog instead of returning the 24 messages on my voice mail. I am NOT feeling eeever so slightly lazy as I think about how FULL my heart is right now. NOPE, NOT ME!

Have a great day!!


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