Friday, February 26, 2010

"Somebody's got a case of the Mondays" ... on Friday.

Vent session. Watch out. But thanks to the blog world, I am now not sending a few strongly worded emails that could get me fired. And without further ado, the top 8 reasons I need a cell with padded walls today...

1. there is a bison on the interstate that I need to drive on this afternoon. The bison has been hit and all lanes of traffic are shut down. p.s. this happened last week with a zebra. The zebra didn't get hit but same scenario. Think-2 hour commute and really really annoyed non-animal lover. Is this the twilight zone?

2. our hospital commited to a little $$$ as incentive to get social worker's clinically licensed. I put down a lot of cash in fees and study materials, passed the test and now, drumroll please, they 'can't find' the emails detailing the agreement and HR says no way.

3. not to seem cheap, but after working almost 4 years and NEVER using a sick day, the same said hospital will only pay me for 6.5 weeks of maternity leave. That's 5.5 weeks left for me to test ramen noodles as nutrition to keep up a milk supply.

4. I overscheduled my weekend. By a lot. My husband expressed his worry for me and my energy levels and finally got to the point. Apparently I'm kind of a lion/bear/horse's rear when I'm tired. And sometimes that gets taken out on him. But how do you say no to celebrating a friend's baby, meeting old friends for lunch (even if that requires a 40 mile drive), babysitting two little girls (see numbers 2 and 3) and taking two young cousins for a date you've been promising for months? This might be a lot easier in a smaller city but we are talking an easy 100 + miles on the honda this weekend, esp when we factor in our commute to Mass.

5. This baby is hurting me today. Or I guess, my body's changes to carry the baby are hurting me. Think charlie horse in the abdomen. This has caused me to cuss more than any of the above today. Sorry little one- next year mama's going to give up cussing for Lent.

6. I decided to wear a wool sweater on the day my normally very cold natured body realized I was pregnant and needed to sweat all day. Note to self, burn all wool clothing.

7. Despite having some QT  in scripture with my husband last night and a restful morning with him today, I am cranky about not seeing him the next few nights. As much as I love him, I'm pretty sure this is my inner 4-year-old again just wanting what I can't have.

8. My new book is not very good. But I can't give up on cutie pie Nicholas Sparks yet and force myself to keep going. It isn't helping that Miley Cyrus plays the lead in the upcoming movie. Gross.

Okay- and so I don't seem like a total raging horse's rear, I should say that there a few major praises going on too.

1. For two nights in a row I have slept relatively soundly, with just my 2-4 bathroom breaks. I have literally prayed for restful sleep and God has had mercy on my husband and given me a break from the dreams and discomfort. Plus, who knew that an extra pillow could do such wonders.

2. My dad is safe and happy in Qatar (near Iraq). He has email and we talk more on email than we did when he was here. It's fun and I love to email with him.

3. My husband and I have had some peaceful discussions about topics that are not typically peaceful. Very cool to see growth in our marriage.

4. I have an overscheduled weekend, meaning I have too many people to love and who love me and chances to bring in some income in a way that fills my heart.  Cry me a river :)

5. I get to have a baby.


  1. lovin' the blog - much easier to comment. miss you and i hope you are great!!

  2. thanks Shan!! miss you too. hence why you should move to atlanta.audrey will survive without you :)