Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends

January 28, 2009

In the past week I have been blessed to see most of my closest friends, some old, some newer.

And as I could have predicted, I've learned a few things about myself and about life. Such as...

How to make chicken enchiladas AND an omelette. That's 3 meals I can now officially make.

How to hike up a ridiculous mountain without dying. It was close there for a minute though.

How to tick your friends off by bringing healthy snacks instead of swiss rolls to a getaway.

How the things I say affect other people~how my own issues and my own vices can negatively impact those I love most. And how I'm more motivated to work on them because wonderful friends compassionately brought them to my attention.

How the business route on an interstate adds an hour to a drive

How cookie dough for breakfast 2 days in a row is the best idea EVER

How praying with your friends makes the whole world seem more managable.

I've learned that stretching after lunges can save you 2 days of walking like your underwear is sideways (learned this the hard way).

That it's better to email a friend than a boyfriend when one grows impatient with 'progression' :)

That apparently Britney Spears is the greatest act coming to Atlanta. Can't wait!!

I've learned that "Perfect is the enemy of Good"~that GOOD really is GOOD, it's fantastic. It's okay that things are not always PERFECT. It's okay that I'M not always perfect. It's okay that somedays I'm good. And it's even okay that sometimes I'm less than good.

I've learned that there are great people working in child welfare and that I might be able to realize my dream of adopting out of foster care one day. Just thinking about this makes me so happy.

I've learned that the Holy Spirit is always working. It was at work when I wanted to send my mom flowers and the florist knew exactly how to console a mother fearing for her son. That same florist who raised her children 4 houses down from ours. That same florist shares a faith in a God that protects all those sons and daughters going to war.

While I was away in the moutains and sneaking a call to the boy, he said he missed them and reminded me how great my friends are. I am sitting here thinking about the friend I eat ice cream with and the ones I pray with, the ones I exercise with and talk about weddings with, the ones who share my passion for children, the ones who understand the 'grady patient', the ones who put me on my knees every day in gratitude. I could not get by in this world without them. (Or I could but I'd be a helluva lot crazier!!)


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