Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A thank you note from the alien

December 31, 2009

To Aunt Katie from the alien,

Since my mom has discovered that I am living in her womb, she's been on a roller coaster. She has felt a little (okay a lot) crazy. And even though I know I'm the greatest thing that has ever happened to her, she is still a little scared about all the changes. She's scared she needs more time with my dad without a wailing gremlin. She's scared that she'll give birth as Patrick gets married. She's scared that what's she's always wanted will turn out to be a mess and she'll be a bad mom. But then you come to the rescue.
YOU, Aunt Katie, remind her to take her vitamins and tell her how big I am. You tell her to take a picture of me in her belly so you can document this pregnancy. You are excited when mom feels like throwing up. You are making plans when mom is sucking down ginger ale. And this makes me happy. Because I want someone to be really excited about me. And don't get me wrong. My dad is pumped I'm coming. But right now, he's focusing on mom and helping her get through all the crazy stuff her body is doing to help me grow. And I know the grandparents are ga-ga over me but with you it's different. You're extra. And I am wiggling around inside mom right now in pure excitement that you get to be my aunt.

Thank you for my Christmas presents. Babycenter says that you can't even tell if I'll wear the blue bubble with the train emroidery or the white smocked dress but I love them both. And they were mom's favorite Christmas presents. Even more than her uggs- which is a lot. Thanks for the UGA bottle and the gamecocks bib. I'm sure peas will look GREAT all over the chicken bib. But more than the gifts, thanks for making me a part of the family already. I love my "my auntie loves me" onesies in blue and pink. I'll probably use both, no matter what color I like best. Everyone says I will go through a million onesies. Thanks for acknowledging that I already exist and that I'm already loved. I think God is a funny guy for choosing to put me with you crazies, but I already know that you guys are the best family for me.

And since this will be one of many thank you notes my mom makes me write (you know she is obsessed with thank you notes), I might as well say thanks for being so excited about me. When mom has been so sick and can't really focus on how happy she is, you have been the one cheering me on. You were my first cheerleader and you have made mom feel like I am getting the joy she thinks I deserve.

I am so happy you are going to come help fix up my room (mom has no taste) and that you will help pick out the things I need (for all her babysitting, mom's not as smart as she thought she was). I can't wait to spend time with you and to nuzzle into your neck. I can't wait for you to dress me up and take me out to lunch with you and Brad.

Thanks for praying for me in those first few weeks when mom was praying I'd actually stay put. I know I'll give you plenty more to pray for over the years as I stretch my wings (and mom's patience). I am so happy you are my aunt. And I'm so happy you are my mama's sister. You make her happy and excited- and you know the saying, "if mama's happy, everybody's happy".

Happy new year to my auntie who loves me. 2010 will be a great year. The first year of the decade, the year I am born, the year Patrick and Vanessa get married in the church. I love you tons and tons. Thanks for loving me already.


the alien

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  1. Um, Keri, I am totally crying reading this! I love that you and Katie have such a sweet friendship like me and Nat. :) Isn't it awesome to have a sister? And Katie will be a GREAT aunt! Tell her to enjoy every second of it. I know I do!!

    Miss you friend!!