Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh I miss facebook

February 6, 2009

I just got a facebook invite for the now infamous 25 random things about me. The only problem is now I have very limited access to facebook, usually restricted to weekends on Ross' blackberry. And my fingers are too fat for those keys. So, to indulge in this slightly narcissistic game, and to kill the next hour of work time...here goes~
25 random things about me:

1. I live in Atlanta, in a small inner city neighborhood called Grant Park and I love it. I love everything about the city, the lights, the culture, the diversity, the skyline, the proximity to work, church, and great parks.

2. I work with HIV/AIDS patients. Some days of the week I love it. Some days I don't. It's hard.

3. I first decided to become a social worker the summer after my freshman year at UGA. I watched a dateline special about a little boy in Georgia who had been abused terribly. The next day I emailed my advisor and changed to social work. I only regret it when I'm broke.

4. My first 4 years of big girl work were in child protective services, investigating all forms of abuse and taking whatever action needed to try to prevent the abuse.

5. I want to adopt from foster care after this experience and because my sweet me-maw was a foster mother, to my mom and my aunts. My family is an example of what happens when a kid gets a good home.

6. The only way I can do these jobs is because of my sounding boards~the boy, the friends, my mama and Jesus.

7. My other sounding boards are my nun friends. Mother Teresa's sisters that live here take care of some of my ladies with AIDS. I love the ladies and the nuns. They are some of my dearest friends.

8. In free time, I want an afternoon at Barnes and Noble. Just me and the books, magazines, and rice krispie treats.

9. I am always trying to be healthier. Sometimes I fail at this. See number 8

10.As a kid I hated to be outside. Maybe the Savannah heat, maybe just because I knew my mom wanted some time to herself and I couldn't stand that.

11.While I'd still prefer to be on the sofa with a book, I'm learning to love the outdoors. This is necessary because of the boy I choose to date.

12.One day a year ago I challenged God. I told him everything I wanted in a person, somewhat sarcastically, saying 'here's what I want. Let's see what you got'.

13. I got Ross. Never doubt the goodness wants God to give you.

14. My family is a military family. My dad and brother served at the same time in Iraq 2 years ago. They're both going back. This sucks to me. I hate it. A lot.

15. I am the oldest in my family. Ross is the youngest. I love the differing dynamics when we're with each other's families. And I love Ross' family. They are phenomenal

16. I could not breathe without my girlfriends. Plain and simple. I think every girl, woman needs to have strong female friendships. There isn't a substitute.

17. I love children. My grandma always said she wanted a baker's dozen. She had 5. I'd be thrilled if I followed in her footsteps.

18. My family is slightly enmesched. I wouldn't change it (most days)

19. I am excited for my 19 year old sister and I to start bridging that generation gap. She is amazing and I can't wait for the coming years together.
20. My brother is the kindest man I know. He learned this from my dad.

21. I can't talk about my dad and who he is without crying. I'm tearing up now. He picked me and my mom. And my life is so blessed. Plus he gives me cash when I go home even at 27.

22. There is no stronger woman on God's green earth than my mother. If I'm half the mother she is, my kids will be rockstars.

23. I am most at peace at Mass. The Eucharist calms every fear, renews every hope, warms every part of me. This is when I feel Jesus most. And oh how I need to feel him in this heart!

24. I love to travel. I make $4 an hour but have traveled to 4 continents and met the most amazing people. I can't wait to do this with my own kids.

25. One day I hope to write a book about the people I've met here and abroad doing this social work thing. Ross will be my editor. The dedication will be to my ma.

Okay- back to work


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