Monday, February 22, 2010

I know her!

November 19, 2008

Elizabeth and Ryan got married last weekend. Elizabeth got married. Really, truly MARRIED?! It was beyond surreal. Surreal because we have talked about it for well over a year since they got engaged. Surreal because we have been driving to and from Savannah for showers and parties. Surreal because the elliptical at LA Fitness will always remind me of 6 am talks about this day. Surreal because it happened and it was real and not just an amazing weekend I thought up in my mind. I still can't believe it. I may believe it more when she FINALLY gets home from her honeymoon and I have my gym partner back. But probably not even then.

This wedding weekend was special for so many reasons. It was one of my oldest and closest friends marrying an almost perfect man. It was a celebration for her family who I have loved and enjoyed for 15 years. It was in Savannah and everything about the wedding felt like home, down to my mom and dad being there dancing right along with us. Every, single ounce of work that went into this wedding was worth it. The interfaith ceremony was one of the most moving I've ever heard. The trolley was reminiscent of the one we took for our senior prom down to the beach house. The pictures were taken in the city we loved.

As we danced...and danced...and danced, I kept looking at this stunning bride thinking, I know her. I know her. As in, I am very cool because I know her. Do you see this bridesmaid dress? This means I am one of the coolest because I know her THAT well. You clearly are not as priviledged if you do not know her. Before you think I am all ego, this was just about my sense of awe that I was dancing my heart out with my mom and dad, Ross, Sarah and her mom and dad, old friends from Savannah, Mr. and Mrs. Cone. It felt like family surrounded us and it was all possible because I know her.

Lest I put her on a pedestal that she would not enjoy, I know some uncool stuff about her too. Chick has got to be organizing something or she's probably not breathing. She can over commit with the best of them. She has her crazy moments like all us girls. But that's about all I've got on the uncool side. On the cool side I've got that this gal is the most passionate, loyal, creative, fun, spirited human being. Probably ever. And I KNOW HER. Lizzie- thanks for the priviledge of being your friend and all the very, very cool things that means.

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  1. just reading this post again. and it makes me so sad i couldn't make it to savh for your big day. but now that you're a mama-to-be, I'm thinking you understand. i will be here for your next big day - maybe not on the day - but there when you need me. love u and i just discovered this blog. dummy.