Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goal Setting Session

July 7, 2009

In recent weeks, R and I have neared completion of our required marriage prep courses. In a few of these sessions, we have been asked to set goals for ourselves and for our marriage. And while I think we know each other very well, it's interesting to see the written words that are a window into our hearts. Just in my head right now, I know that I want to be a better daughter, a more commited social worker, a more patient fiance, a more confident woman, a more devoted Christian, a more consistent volunteer, a more vigilant money manager, a more open-minded citizen, a more informed voter. I could go for hours. Not to diminish those goals, but they are abstract, unable to be quantified. I spent some time on the elliptical today thinking about what my concrete goals are. But since I'm a very analytical (i.e. not concrete thinker), the list was short. But here we go.

In the final stretch of this engagement, I want to NOT argue over insignificant details. With mom. or Ross. or mom. The ultimate goal here is to MARRY ROSS. As long as he doesn't run for the hills between now and September 26th, I think we can cross that goal off the list. But I want to do more than marry him. I want to reflect back on the time of PREPARING to marry him as fun and peaceful. So, you heard it here. Not gonna argue with mom. or R. or mom.

I want to take my clinical social worker exam. And then I want to pass it. I want to re-channel some of that college focus (yeah right, like I ever had it). I want to study and pass it and achieve this goal I've had since I got that silly master's degree. And then maybe I'll figure out what the heck I want to do with said coveted clinical license.

I want to take another mission trip. Yep, got the itch again. And the best part is, this time I'll go as a team, with a husband (holy heck). Hear me down here Lord? Go ahead and start leading us to wherever you'd have us go, wherever we can do the best work and be the best example of your love. P.s. the budget for this one is small, so maybe somewhere closer??

I want to be a mama. This one isn't even really a goal, it's more of a life mission. However, the goal comes from the way I approach this becoming a mama thing. If it doesn't happen easily, I want to walk any road I must with grace and patience and faith. I don't want my life to become consumed with this. I know God will make me a ma in his time, in his way. I pray that I can wait patiently, confidently and without becoming a crazy woman.

I want to pray every day (and not just at meals). I want to intentionally pray for my husband, for our marriage, for our families and friends. I want to pray WITH my husband every day. I want to open my Bible much, much more.

I want to learn how to close closet doors and cabinets. This will greatly add the goal of a happy marriage.

I want to take my parents on a trip. Lord only knows how I'll find the cash for that one. But I owe them, well, everything. Anyone got a house in Ireland for rent?

I want to foster a close relationship with my siblings and their partners I want to show them the same love, understanding and kindness I show my patients, many of whom have done far worse in life than the siblings.

I want to begin praying about fostering and/or adopting a child. I want to patiently wait for God to call Ross and I LOUD AND CLEARLY on that one.

I want to eat as healthy as I can and exercise as often as I can. And then I want to give myself a break. I want to be at peace with my body and my health.

I want to write a book. Prior to that I want to come up with some interesting things to say.

Okay~ I think that covers it for this minute. Let's see how we do in the coming months!


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