Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Not me Monday"

June 8, 2009

So I love this blog on Monday mornings. The author, a sweet woman who is raising 4 small children, one with a terrible heart condition, makes me smile with her self-deprecation and hilarious thoughts. So, on this Monday, I thought I'd do my own.

I definitely did NOT just send my grandmother a 'get well soon' card with a picture of a very attractive male model (he was clothed!). I did NOT tell her that age hasn't affected her eyes and that ladies of all ages can enjoy a good picture. I did NOT do this to an 86-year-old woman knowing she'd laugh her depends off. Nope, NOT ME.

I did NOT receive my own gift of some sweet little men this morning, my soon to be nephews who called to say happy birthday. I did NOT almost cry (because I NEVER cry) at their precious voices like a goon. I am NOT feeling soooo blessed by these three gremlins. Nope, NOT ME.

I am NOT angry at all get out at the Army right now. I am NOT broken-hearted that Patrick, for the 2nd time in 3 weeks, experienced a roadside bomb. I am NOT completely unimpressed with the leadership. And I did NOT laugh out loud when Ross prayed, literally, that the Army get its thumbs out of their behinds. And while I am grateful he survived again, I am NOT petrified at how he will come home and the lasting effects of this stupid war. I also do NOT think this is a stupid war. Nope, NOT FLIPPING ME.

I did NOT get a call today from a sweet, Indian nun who sang Happy Birthday, all the way through and finished it with "may GOd Bless you, may God bless you, May God blessssss you and Make you a SAINT". I did NOT almost choke at the ludicrousness of me as a saint. I also do NOT know if ludicousness is a word. Nope, NOT ME.

I did NOT spend a weekend at my ten year reunion with most of my SVA classmates that made my heart full. I did NOT wonder how people make it in the world without good girl friends. I did NOT wish I had a bazillion dollars to donate to this school that formed me and gave me these friends. And I am NOT believing it has been 10 years since I left that amazing place. Nope, Not me.

I am NOT smiling also because 10 years after walking down the aisle at that beautiful Cathedral, I will walk down it again, to start a beautiful life. I did NOT also just drop a tear. Nope, Not me.

I did NOT spend a day at the beach Saturday sitting with good friends and playing with my 5-year-old heart in the water. I did NOT have the most fun of my life playing in the ocean with that child. And this does NOT make me antsy for a week at the beach in a few weeks. Nope, Not me.

I am NOT sitting here, praying that my brother will call for my birthday, just so I can hear his voice and pray with him on the phone. I am NOT taking my phone with me every single place I go today, including the bathroom in case he calls. Nope, Not me.

I did NOT receive the new Abraham Verghese book from my boss today which means I will NOT be sitting on my rump all weekend long reading it. I did NOT, upon receipt of this book drop a few crocodile tears. Because again, I do NOT cry- especially for dumb reasons. Nope, Not me.

And lastly, I am NOT the single most blessed person on the planet today. Because on this day that you get all to yourself, I am NOT surrounded my countless calls from God sent friends and family. I am NOT so grateful my heart could burst wide open.


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  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! now i can be better at stalking you. :)

    ps - regarding your comment about remulous....i WISH that was the problem. :)