Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A look back...my how things have changed

October 19, 2009

The below post was written in August 2007. I had just broken up with a long time boyfriend and was really struggling to stand firm in what I knew was the right decision, despite how hard it was. So I transplanted this post and it makes me smile. How fast life can change!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Piccadilly Perspective

So life is a little difficult right now. Not child with cancer difficult. Not hurricane destruction difficult. Not even sick with the flu difficult. Just making good but painful decisions difficult. Anyway,life is just requiring a little extra energy to do the things I'm supposed to do. Like get my oil changed...

So to save a few bucks, I took my Precision tune online coupon 15 miles out of my way for the oil change. Rather than sit inside (afterbusiness hours with hungry looking albeit nice boys), I walk half a block where there are about 12 fast food restaurants and, whoa, a Piccadilly.

I don't really love Piccadilly. My mom LOVES Piccadilly. I'm feeling a little sad so I think, in honor of mom, I will go to Piccadilly and do as she does. I'll order my starch filled plate, sweet tea and sit down with a book. Today, Pearl, about a college student who chains herself in Ireland at the U.S.Embassy on a hunger strike. So, kind of down in the dumps but proud to spend the afternoon as my sweet ma would do, I read my book and chow down on my 12 (overly) fried shrimp for 7.99. It doesn't seem to be having the same effect it has on my mom. I feel lonely and grumpy.

And then I see two sweet men, had to be at least 80 years old each. I decide they are old WWII buddies. I decide they go to church each week and go to Sunday school together and weekly have a Piccadilly night. Senior discount. Since they have been friends for 60 years, they don't even have to chat. Just eat their fried fish and country fried steak and enjoy having a friend.

I'm going to the NC Mountains this weekend with my college girlfriends. They are fantastic women. And since I've chosen to make my life difficult right now, these ladies will remind me of the wonderful joys in my life. And in 60 years, we'll sit at a cafeteria (maybe not Piccadilly, I wouldn't recommend it. Sorry mom!) and we'll eat fried something, and unlike the man friends here tonight, we'll probably have cake too. And unlike the men, we will need to chat. Probably about our trip to the mountains in 2007.

While the fried shrimp was not quite what you get from crab shack in Savannah and while the sweet tea could send a diabetic to the ER, I am glad I thought of my great mom and went to Piccadilly. Cause I got to see the two best man friends from WWII and think of my best lady friends who will sustain and laugh with me when we are 80.

To my own little support group, I cannot wait to see your faces in 3 days, finish off absurd amounts of cheap wine and play Outburst from dusk till dawn. And to my ma, who taught me that dinner with a book by yourself can be just the ticket, thanks man! You all are the sunshine creeping throught the clouds

this is a photo of Chrissie, Space, Weschler and I the weekend I referred to in that post. I did not tell the girls that I had broken up with the boy but just let myself be with them. It was the most healing thing in the world.
And this is us, plus a few other amazing ladies, September 12, 2009, just at 2 years later, at my bachelorette party, celebrating my upcoming marriage.
Who knew, sitting in Piccadilly, that two short (sometimes long) years later, I'd end up here...

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