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August 15, 2008

I love blogs. I love reading people's blogs. My most recent favorite is, the blog of one of my bestest friends, Elizabeth. They get me through boring days and help me procrastinate on not boring days. Either way, they make me happy.

I don't have my own blog because I don't find that I have many interesting things to say. This doesn't mean that I will refrain from talking endlessly to anyone who can withstand the sound of my voice but means that I have high standards based on the people I read. They're kind of the adult facebook. And since I have surf-control at work, they are the only way I can cyber-stalk folks and learn about their new husbands, babies and lives. Plus, pictures of babies will make me smile on my worst day!

So, lots of fun things have happened in the last few months. Since you couldn't sleep for wondering about my life, here's the lowdown. Katie graduated high school. My high school friends nominated me for and I was chosen for the McAuley Award from SVA and had a beautiful banquet. My grandma was VERY happy, ergo I was VERY happy. Jenny got married to Ryan. Molly got engaged to Whit. Rusty got married to Tricia. Reed got married to Nazira. We had a party for Lizzie and Ryan who will get married in November (see above blog). Dad turned 50. Annie turned 5. Rich and Stella had a baby (Joseph). Ross and I started dating (and still are :). We spent a few days in Wilmington, NC, another few in St. Simons, another few in Folly beach, another few in Greenville, another few in Savannah (again), another few in Philly (that place is HOT HOT HOT), and in a week we'll spend another few in Austin. That is especially exciting because there is no family to visit (no offense family), no wedding to attend (no offense engaged/newly married couples) just us hanging out in a cool town.

I am excited for fall. Excited for Molly's wedding and Lizzie's long awaited wedding and for Nick and Courtney's wedding. Excited for college football (GO DAWGS). Excited about JUST FAITH, a 30 week class on Catholic Social Justice, (don't make fun of me behind my back), excited that I 've newly been appointed to the Archdiocese of Atlanta's AIDS advisory board. Excited to start a second round of our small group for women,studying Romans. Excited that Katie starts college and so does Mona. Excited that Ben starts Kindergarten. Excited for another season with a special person. Excited to see what challenges and blessings lay around the corner.

Now, let's see if I'm able to keep this thing current. Don't go betting on it :)


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  1. haha! Love that you mention the bride blog here. i read that recently after starting mah, and it's so fun to go back and read. hope you're enjoying reading all of your past posts. you're a great writer.