Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds. " Jo Jo Jensen

February 8, 2010

So the topic de jour is SLEEP. I have a feeling this will not be the last blog about sleep that I do in the coming months, but today, it's on the brain. I have often said that I can be hungry, cold, hot, thirsty, in pain, frustrated (insert whatever condition you like) and it is never as bad as when I am sleepy. I'm just a girl who absolutely thrives on a good night's rest and who is a terror with a bad night's rest. And lately, well, be glad you are night a fly on my wall.

The problem is, I am a ridiculously light sleeper. The other problem is, my husband can be a light sleeper at times too. Ergo, if one of us is tossing and turning, the other one is too. Now we have two sleep-deprived Ninnesses (soon to be 3). Throw in a baby who sleeps on my bladder and lower back pain and we have very inconsistent sleep in Casa Ninness. This weekend may or may not have also included my husband protecting our family from non-existent intruders by JUMPING up in the middle of the night, taking out shotgun and walking throughout the house (while his wife sort of smiled because she is the lighter sleeper out of the bunch and would have easily heard an intruder- but is nonetheless thankful for a brave husband.)

I am not so narcissistic as to think anyone cares about our sleep patterns but it is becoming comical-so comical that when recently given the chance to sleep in separate double beds in a hotel room we both giggled in delight and slept like ROCKS! Anyway- yesterday was kind of a blah day for me. Like Blah as in I layed my head on my husband's chest in Target and warned him that a big, ugly, 'cry for no apparent reason' event was on the horizon. The big, ugly cry never happened but a little 'for no apparent reason' one did happen as he was leaving for a fun super bowl party and I was partying with my stupid DSM and study guides. My sweet husband knows what he's doing and rushed out of the house with his crock-pot filling his hands so I couldn't cling on to him and start the real big ugly cry. He called about 8:30 and suggested I go to bed and catch up on sleep (you know from the night before when I was awakened by the cocking of the shotgun :) I thought about this and realized he was pretty wise. I knew I'd wake up when he got home from the party so I took advantage of the few hours of uninterrupted sleep. I was able to have some prayer time without the movie theater noise in my living room and drifted off so peacefully. And while I did wake up when he came home, I was happy to know that he'd had a few beers watching the game. Apparently a few beers equals soundly sleeping husband. Costco here I come.

So, today I feel like a new woman. I feel motivated to get some things accomplished and have no need to give my baby coke/baby crack to get the day started. I am feeling very positive about the day ahead. And all it took was a decent night's sleep. Thanks husband for the suggestion to get to bed early. Thanks to husband's best friend for hosting the super-bowl party where he got to have some beverages to make him sleep so soundly. And thanks husband even for the drama in the middle of the previous night. I was obviously so exhausted that I could sleep soundly last night :)

The precious pic below is of my cousin Alyse- who just celebrated her 4th birthday. I took this picture when she was a just a few days old. Here's hoping baby Ninness sleeps so soundly!


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