Monday, February 22, 2010

Inauguration of Barack Obama

January 20, 2009

I have been looking forward to this day for 2 years. Two Christmases ago I asked my Uncle Mike for The Audacity of Hope. The miracle that it is, he actually bought it, disagreeing with just about every word in it! I, however, read the book in 2 days and loved it. And I am beyond happy today. I went a little slower on the elliptical today so that I could absorb everything Good Morning America was feeding me. While my 4 miles took a sad 45 minutes, I got goosebumps at least 10 times during those poorly exercised miles. I am happy for America. I am happy that the ability to become president is not limited to one gender and one race. I am happy that another man of great faith will lead us. I am happy that the work of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Coretta Scott King, and our great, current, Atlanta Congressman John Lewis is being brought to fruition. I am happy not that we elected a black man. I am happy that we elected a great man and that for the first time in our country's history, we allowed that greatness comes in many colors.

Sunday, we took a family outing with our adopted Sullivan sisters, E and A. We walked through Barnes and Noble and saw Barack Obama plastered on everything. I asked these 10 and 5 year old girls who that man is. E instantly knew his name, making me proud that this Jonas Brothers loving child is getting a good civic education. A did not know who he was (she's 5) but she did offer that 'my poppie does not like A-ROCK Obama!' We had a little teaching lesson about it being okay not to like Mr. AROCK but like our school principals and bosses at work, we must respect him. She said okay and moved onto Build A Bear. I will always remember this small glimpse of where I was during this amazing time.

And today, I simply pray. I pray so wholeheartedly for his safety. Hatred and prejudice prevails in so many areas. People hate him for his policies, his politics and yes, for his race. Praying for his safety will remain a top priority. Stability that our country so desperately needs does not come from violence.

'll end this 'all over the place' post with something I stole off the blog of an Atlanta man who works with Buckhead church in their music ministry. I agree with this statement so much.

"Racism will not be solved.

The economy will be no better.

Wars will not suddenly end.

After all, it is just a man, a sinful, broken man, who will place his hand on God’s Word and promise us a bunch of stuff.

The history making moment will take place when you decide whether to piss and moan about policies, decide to place all your hope in just a man, or decide to fall on your knees and pray for the leadership of our country." from

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