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Out Serving Each other

Out Serving Each Other

October 14, 2008

So, there really are two or three separate posts in this one but since R says my thoughts are rushed sometimes, I'll try to keep them organized. As evidenced by my last, kind of morose post, I needed a little weekend away. Courtney and Nick's wedding could not have been more convenient for my small mental health crisis so I'm grateful for the perfect timing. R and I packed up and headed south to Summerville, SC, just outside of Charleston. I'm sure it's a beautiful town, but it rained. The whole time. The poor bride and groom handled it beautifully and at the end, got what they wanted, a union of their lives and hearts before God and their families. And oh so importantly, what did I get? I got a weekend away from my life, from myself. I got exhorbitent amounts of food. I got to sleep in, listening to the rain. I got to watch football/sleep all afternoon in a freshly made hotel bed. I got to sit on rocking chairs watching the rain with R's sweet parents. I got a free hot breakfast both days. I got to put on a pretty dress and high heels and feel like a girly girl. I got to hear that I looked beautiful from a boy. I got to dance to Lady in Red despite R's slight objection to the cheesy song. I got to make some new friends and dance with a precious 3 year old girl. I got to drink sweet tea vodka that Mrs. N brought me and watch R dance with his mama. And I got to watch two amazing people make the most right decision in their lives. And low and behold, the sun came out. Both literally and figuratively. It came out in time for R and I to lay on the horseshoe at the University of South Carolina and end the weekend reading in the cool breeze. And the sun came out in my heart. If it is a simple as getting away, I will start a new line item in the budget for emotional health getaways. I came back feeling tired, but lighter and free of the cloud that sat over me last week. The cheesy moral of the story is that, as my senior quote put it, 'the sun'll come out tomorrow.' It always does. Praise sweet Jesus, it always does.

I couldn't really find a way to insert this into that rambling of thoughts above, but something the pastor said at the wedding stuck with me. In his closing prayer, he prayed that the couple would never stop trying to out-serve each other. I loved that. As someone who struggles sometimes with an internal score card, I realize he is right. What would the world be like if we put our focus on trying to one-up people in service, compassion, faith and love? Maybe I'll give it a shot.


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