Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Father's Day, some Pat'isms

June 19, 2009

As I prepare to celebrate Father's Day this year, I am smiling, thinking of the sweet and funny things my dad has repeated to me over the years. Some of my favorite Pat-ism's include

~"babydoll, you'd look pretty in a tater sack"

~(in response to me wanting ears or belly button pierced- only got the ears)- "why do you want more holes in your body"

~"you have the highest IQ in the family and the least common sense". slightly true

~"should we keep her or throw her in the garbage can? I think we'll keep her around" thanks dad.

~(when exerting an independent streak or relying on a boyfriend)- "I'll always be your dad"

~"Get your butt off your shoulders" - still need this advice daily.

~if you're going to drive slow- do it in the RIGHT HAND LANE!!! **@@@*** insert expletive

~"I'll put some money in your account" my favorite of the Pat isms

~"if he hurts you I'll break his knees"(interestingly he never made this threat w/R..guess he knew)

~"choose a career that makes you happy". thanks dad. what happens if what makes you happy also makes you BROKE AS A jOKE?!

~"you'll always be my little girl"

~"goodnight babydoll. I love you"

Well dad, I love you too. The song we will dance to at my wedding in a few months is "I loved her first...I held her first". And you did love me first, hold me first. You were the first to band-aid a skinned knee or rub aching ballet feet. You were the first to tuck me in and the first man I danced with. You were the first to say "I love you" and the first man to tell me I was beautiful. And on this day when people I love will be missing their dads in different ways, I will be thanking the LORD for the man my loving God HAND PICKED for me. Our all-knowing God knew the heart of Pat Sullivan. And he knew that a certain colicky baby girl needed that heart in her life. Smart man that God is.

To my dad at home, to my soon to be dad-in-law, I love ya. Thanks for taking care of this gal. To the greatest dad, up there in the heavens, I adore you. To my priest friends who act as a father to so many, thank you for choosing God's call to love so many. And to my friends who miss their dads today, I'm praying for you. I know that wherever they are, they are proud of their girls.


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