Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You might be blessed if :

May 26, 2009

This is one of the views you saw on Memorial Day:

and if you got to hike miles and miles of this:

And you might be blessed if this guy ran along side you, happy as a clam

and you might be blessed if you sat a top a rock, looking over acres of breathtaking canyon and said a Rosary with this guy

praying the Joyful mysteries in heart-wrenching prayer for these guys

and for the countless lives lost, given, changed, altered, saved by our servicemen & women.

You might be blessed, like me, if your fiance thought a change of scenery, out of the city and away from thoughts of your brother's safety or your patients' lives might be a good idea. You might be blessed if he found a little gem in North Georgia, researched the best local places to eat and you got to hear 'here ya go baby' with each stop at your table and they made bacon for your dog sitting in the car. You might be blessed if you got 6 hours of intense exercise (even if you were kinda finished at 4 hours) and got to run through the woods in the rain with your dog. You might be blessed if sitting on a huge rock, praying with your fiance and thinking of your brother made the world seem right. And you might be even more, astonishgly blessed, if you ended the holiday with cheese dip and an ice cold diet coke.

I hope your Memorial Day was as blessed as mine.


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