Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It was the moment

March 17, 2009

It was one of the moments I've imagined for years. The moment that my mom, sister, and I shop for wedding gowns. For years I've envisioned being surrounded by the two most important women in my life, laughing and preparing for 'the big day.' And IT. WAS. PERFECT. Before the stress of the invitation list or the reception site, there is the DRESS. And I almost missed, 'my moment.' In my gallant attempt to save money, I almost didn't consider this heaven for brides called the Gingerbread House. I almost made my way to one of the chain bridal stores with 2000 dresses and 18-year-old "bridal consultants." But Elizabeth came through again and convinced me to just try the Gingerbread House and to simply tell them what my budget was. Well, I went out of budget. But only a little. And I could care less.

I tried on dress number 2 and walked onto the wooden box. Mom cried. Katie smiled and (knowing my slight case of financial OCD) said "I don't care what the cost. You are BUYING that dress.' And I felt...everything. I felt exactly how I wanted to feel. Mom and Katie's faces were exactly what I wanted to see. And the dress is everything I want for my wedding day. I will never, ever forget that moment with a mom and her daughters, with the people whose opinions I trust most in the world. I have replayed that hour over and over in my head since Saturday. I am tearing up just thinking about the unbelievable blessings that mom and Katie are to me. I am going to be a blubbering mess come September.

I know this wedding experience is going to be full of 'those moments' that I've imagined throughout my childhood~Opening the church doors to see Ross at the end of aisle, being surrounded by my best girlfriends as we pray together before I walk down the aisle, smothering my flower girls with kisses, grabbing hold of my dad's arm before we walk down the aisle, having my sister lay out my train. And I know that because of this wedding, I get to live with and raise babies with and grow old with Ross. I am floored at the continuous flow of pure gifts that keep coming.

So, for any of you that will hear my rants in the coming days of the price gauging wedding industry, of the cost of a 'cork fee' or the cost of 'per 100' pieces of chicken, remind me of those moments that will make all that stress worth it.

the greatest maid of honor in the world (at her high school graduation)

mother of the bride :)

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