Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little culture is a great thing

April 28, 2009

We're a little overdue on this one but I did want to remember a great weekend in Philadelphia. 2 weeks back Ross and I flew to that great city and participated in both the 1st Communion and Baptism of 2 of Ross's nephews. It was a weekend filled with love, family, and the joy of watching two little boys enter more fully into the Church. And while our Godson is in the throws of separation anxiety, I had no remorse over torturing him in my quest to snuggle a baby.

Little J's mother is from Armenia so we participated in an Armenian baptism. Ross wore a traditional Armenian tunic and did his best to hold that baby who, again, so desperately wanted NOT to be held by anyone other than mama. The ceremony was beautiful and it was so interesting to see a part of the Catholic Church I didn't know.

The next day we went to a beautiful Cathedral In Philadelphia and watched this little guy's big brother receive his 1st Communion. Little R had 2 pews of family watching and celebrating him. He made much of the decision to receive his 1st communion on his own and I was so proud to be amongst the family cheering on such a mature and impacting decision.

As this family will soon be my own, I'm kind of again amazed at God. (Do we see a pattern here?) I'm a snob about my family being the best people on the planet and am baffled that God would bring me into a family much like my own- kind, loving, embracing, funny, faithful. I am so humbled that Ross's brother would see us, as individuals and as a couple, worthy of this great role in his son's life. May there be many more trips to Philadelphia, many more snuggles from these sweet boys and many more blessings poured onto their lives.


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