Monday, February 22, 2010

No problem that can't be solved...

December 3, 2008

With a good cup of ice cream! A few weeks ago, I indulged a craving. For ice cream. Well- for the person that first taught me about the healing powers of a good cup of baskin robbins. From the moment Katrina Smith Critchley and I decided to be best friends (also known as B's, but not for best friend.I'll leave you hanging to keep this rated G), we bonded over this little treat. There was not a broken heart, a bad grade, trouble at home that could not be mended with a quick trip to the nearest ice cream cone. So, after a hectic, albeit wonderful year, I decided it was time for a cup. With my B. So I flew all the way to DC and spent a wonderful weekend eating and drinking and eating and drinking with Katrina. Her sweet husband Cory treated us to a Sunday brunch of Spanish tapas and the bottle of wine she and I shared. She made me breakfast, as only a Smith wifey can do. She treated me to an hour long massage (note: I have NEVER had an hour long massage) by a woman who used to work for some NFL team. She was a beast but a very good massaging beast of a lady. The whole weekend was culinary, alcohol and friend indulgence. The best kind. And of course, we had our ice cream. On day one. And the only reason we didn't have more was because we stuffed our stomachs full of food and wine and there truly was no more room. Otherwise, we would have chowed down. Lest anyone think I believe you really want to hear about my weekend in the Capitol, this is really so I remember this wonderful weekend. And if you take away all the food and wine and ice cream and indulgences, what really mattered was a weekend with one of my oldest, closest friends. We probably don't have long before babies and more hectic jobs keep us away more often. I am so beyond blessed by this chick and the 15 years of friendship we've shared.

To top off all this fun, I got to spend another evening and a whole day off playing tourist with one of my best college friends, Scott, who also lives in DC. He's featured in one of my first posts so I won't go into all his fabulous qualities again. My time with him was much like it was with Katrina. Eating incessantly. What you don't see in the picture below is the molten chocolate cake and godiva hot chocolates we were eating (not sharing, we had our own). This was after a lunch of some yummy slider burgers and salad and a lot of other food that has my jeans waaaay too tight these days. We went to the Smithsonian and shopped around Dupont circle and reminisced about Relay For Life's and our families and how stupid we were when we met 10 years ago. Again, another amazing friend, who happens to live 4 Metro stops from the above mentioned amazing friend.

  Mother Teresa said~ “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”

One very cold, fall weekend in DC in 2008, this was lived out by these two folks. And it's pretty much lived out by a handful of other friends every day. Somewhere in another life, I was a very good person!


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